Series 1 - Snowflake Octopus Boxes (Cancelled)

Hello, Roblox Community

A new exciting update for our upcoming organization “Snowflake Octopus Boxes”. We will be releasing “Series 1” boxes on August 19th 2021. In this topic, we will tell you about some of the surprise prizes and more about our upcoming organization.

How To Get Launch Boxes?
Launch Boxes are rewarded to people (DevForum users only) that respond to this topic with new ideas, new concepts, feedback and more. Launch Boxes will be sent to those people in reply of their awesome comment. In this case, a “Series 1” launch box will be sent to you, after 24 hours, it will open into something awesome, a new octopus pet!! Another way to get a launch box is to join our Roblox group, buy our assets and more.

What Are Octopus Pets?
Octopus pets are Roblox decals. They are not accessories or clothing assets. These decals are used to be collected by others. These Octopus can be collected from launch boxes, a link will be sent after 24 hours and you will have 2 hours or more to claim your free octopus decal.

What Do Series 1 Launch Boxes Look Like?
Here is a following image of a Launch Box from “Series 1”.
Octopus Boxes - Series 1
This is the box only for “Series 1”, different boxes are released for each series.

How Many Octopus Are There To Collect?
The number of octopus to collect is currently unknown but once the “Series 1” released on August 19th, the amount of octopus to collect will be known. You can start collecting octopus at 12:00AM on August 19th 2021.

How Long Is Series 1?
A current date has not yet been released but we may leave Series 1 out for a few weeks or a month. it depends how well we do.


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Event Cancelled

We are so sorry but this organization event has been cancelled due to lack of attention and love. We may bring this back in the future but it has officially been cancelled and will not released on August 19th 2021 like we said it would.