Serious demotivation issues


For the past few months or so, I’ve been struggling with finding motivation for building anymore.

Like, I have the energy and drive to do it, but it all seems so tedious to me now that even when I find a great source of inspiration, I’ll start building something and trash it the next day or so because I’m either not happy with it or it seems like too much work.

But I want to enjoy building, I really do. Anyone who’s seen me around the DevForum knows that’s what I specialize in and it’s the type of work I appreciate most from other people.

To get to the point: does anyone know what I could do to get back into building again, or at least enjoy it more than I currently do at all? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’ve had an issue like this before. I simply think of an idea that seems okay and as I’m building, I continue brainstorming ideas until my brain is dry.


You could work on simpler things, try to see building in different perspectives. Not only making complex things, but actually finding simple things that could fit. This could let you see how to make something complex based on simple things, making it look simpler but good.


I’ve been in the same place as you, and I understand what you’re going through.

If you haven’t already, I suggest taking a break from developing as a whole. It could be a week, a month, or however long you think you need. You’ll start to get ideas and want to develop, and when you have the motivation to develop again, set some small goals for yourself. Start with small builds and slowly work back into more impressive creations.

Another thing to help you stay motivated in building is to build stuff you like. Find things from movies or games you enjoy and then recreate them in Studio.


I have had a lot of times where I really do not feel like building, or I do not know what to build. I would say my advise is that you try and either change over (for example explore new methods of building; different themes etc) or try and take a small break and come back at it! I find that doing these almost makes me want to go back to building and build something incredible.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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I struggled with this years ago and found that focusing on other things in life may fill the void. I took an extended break from 3d modelling in general, not just on roblox, and eventually worked my way back into it. I also found that finding someone whose work you adore can reinstitute the motivation that is necessary. For me, that person is a guy on twitch called Incarne. He inspired me to begin deving for things other than roblox which has been a great source of motivation.
TLDR; Don’t waste time forcing things when the thoughts aren’t there; breaks can be and are beneficial. Find new sources of motivation (don’t have to be from roblox) & try new methods/styles that could bring a newfound sense of motivation.


Thank you for for this answer, I find it the most profound I’ve seen on this thread so far.

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I had this issue, I was over thinking my ideas and wanting high detailed stuff or somethingthat couldget a lot of attention, that people might be interested in. Honestly that was the wrong way to think, I kept trashing ideas because it wasn’t going the way I wanted just a day or 2 in.

I realized what was happening a few months later and was like, build what I want to build and it doesn’t have to be complex, and I started a few things.

Just do some small builds don’t focus too much on details and just build freely. I got my idea from one of my favorite pc games, it was only going to be a small showcase or experiment to create what I call bounce lighting, basically realistic lighting. This only lead to more ideas and now I have a whole idea for a future game when I have the knowledge and practice with scripting. This also lead to me trying some new things I didn’t try before in line with my idea and I’m having fun doing it.

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