Server Animations only play on Server

I have an animation that plays through a server script on the server “boss model”. When I test the game locally(In Studio), the animations play on both the server and the and client. When I test it through a local server, The animations only play server sided.

local KeyframeSequenceProvider = game:GetService("KeyframeSequenceProvider")
local boss = workspace:WaitForChild("WaterBoss") 
local Model = boss:WaitForChild("Model")
local StartID = KeyframeSequenceProvider:RegisterKeyframeSequence(boss:WaitForChild("AnimSaves"):WaitForChild("BossAnimation1"))

local AnimationController = boss:WaitForChild("AnimationController")

local StartAnimation ="Animation")
StartAnimation.AnimationId = StartID
local StartTrack = AnimationController:LoadAnimation(StartAnimation)


**Note: This is in the Roblox Beta Avatar Evolution. The boss is a MeshPart with Bones.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. Can you explain yourself better?

When “Play” the game inside studio. My animations work both from the client and the server perspective

When I create a local Server, The animations play on the server but not on any of the clients.

What are you trying to get to?

I want the animations to play on the server and client. Currently it just plays on the server so the client cannot see it which is the issue.

Play the animation from the client, it will replicate to the server

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Everything is done in ServerScriptService. So i would need to create a remote event system to the client for it to trigger at the same time?

No just do the animation on the client