Server CoreGUI question

How would I go into StarterCoreGui and if the notification matches a certain keyword it kicks them from the game.?

Can you tell me why are you doing this? You cant read properties of CoreGui descendants.

Well the exploit that they use for my game it has “k4” in like the notification thing and I am not sure on how to patch it.

There were some ways to detect it in the past, but now its impossible. You can try to find other ways to patch it.

What other ways are there because I dont know

I don’t know, but all I know is that injecting an exploit will spike up some memory, you could possibly do memory checks I think.

It bans me from my own game using Cmdr.

Cmdr? No clue what that is, as I said, you could only possibly do memory leaks / memory checks to see if there’s unusual behaviour

This is terrible practice, do not do this.

Even if you do find a way to read CoreGui descendants, an exploiter can very easily bypass it via metatables. Secure your remotes, don’t waste your time trying to patch client sided exploits.

It’s not client sided it bans the entire server and also cmdr is in serverscriptservice module script.

Then there’s some server side code that needs more security.