Server does not replicate 'ImageTransparency' property to clients

When a local script attempts to change the value of ImageTransparency on say an ImageLabel in a BillboardGui in Workspace(where everyone can see it), only the client can see the change. The server does not replicate the value to everyone else.

This is the same with a server script. If a server script sets the value of ImageTransparency on an ImageLabel in BillboardGui, the server also does not replicate this value to everyone else.

Is anyone else having this issue?


If you’re developing with FilteringEnabled, then, as I’m sure you know, that functionality described is correct. However, the second one…Yeah that must be a bug.

Confirmed: ImageTransparency changes do indeed not replicated from server to client for a GUI object under a BillboardGui in the Workspace while all other property changes do.

How to reproduce: Make a new place, insert a part, insert a BillBoardGui under it, and insert an ImageLabel under that. Do a server test and change the ImageTransparency on the server, the client(s) will not receive the change.

Any news if this is being fixed? It is very reproducible.

The same thing occurs if you attempt to set ImageTransparency on any ImageLabel/ImageButton in PlayerGui with a server-script (not just BillboardGui)

This has been fixed in our internal build, but it’ll only get to production on 6/18 :frowning: so basically in a week and a half. Sorry about the delay.

I’ve been getting this problem too only with SurfaceGuis. I’ve done a while loop making the ImageTransparency property of an ImageLabel/ImageButton to 0-1 and the client in real game doesn’t see it. Both server mode and play solo work. I’ve been forced to use parts with decals instead because that’s what worked. FilteringEnabled has nothing to do with this issue.

I got this problem too so what I did is have the Gui in Lightning or where ever you like, then clone it from there and change its properties if needed.