Server Sided shell ejection script with almost zero delay?

Hello, i’m looking to make a server sided shell ejection script for my gun without the use of Remote Events, as they have a slight delay that breaks what i’m trying to do. I know that’s something that can cause lag and players don’t really pay attention to, but i really want to make it.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

You could create a garbage script which every lets say 20 seconds it cleans all the shells on the map created Server-Sided. But I don’t know why you would want it to be created on the Server, isn’t it just for Visual effects? Anyways. You could also have a event when the player stops firing the gun for example:

Say Player1 has a Auto and fires it continuously until all the ammo reaches 0, what you could do is while the player is firing that gun you create client bullets and when they stop send a remote to the server with the amount of shells that hit the ground and the position of them.

Then you could create the bullets on the server with the position and all of that and delete the client sided bullets.

Then it would only send 1 remote and would minimize a bit of lag if I’m correct.

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