Server Vs Client Object Method

I’m wondering which method would be “better”. Would it be better to have object instances (parts) exist server-side with StreamingEnabled enabled, or would it be better to send data via a Remote so that the client can spawn things in instead (via JSON Encoding)? The data being transferred would only be a vector and an ID for each instance.

If I didn’t provide enough detail, I can expand upon as needed.


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That depends on what your use-case actually is.

I wonder why you ask that question, so please provide some more details, and also explain why you consider “using StreamingEnabled” vs. “clients create local-parts based on custom-instructions from server.”

In the case, that the server must know of “the parts on the clients”, then StreamingEnabled would be the way to go, as you won’t need to invent your own network-replication-style/-methods.

But if its just some “fire and forget”-parts/instructions-to-clients that the server does not care about afterwards, then you could use the RemoteEvent method. (And you don’t have to use JSON encoding for that.)

So again, it depends…