ServerLeaderstats error happening out of the blue

Hey! This error shows up everytime I run my game in Roblox Studio, it started to suddenly happen (so, I think it is because of an update); I can’t even find that script.


Thank you for reading, I’d really appreciate your help !

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Can you show us the code? I’m not sure what possibly went wrong there.

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Doesn’t the error say which script errored?

And yes please show use the code like what @SharpAmbition said.

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I can’t find that script, even running the game and searching for it in the search bar (since it may be generated only when played).

Thank you for replying!

This looks like a bug on Roblox’s end. I believe they might be implementing (or trying to) array/table attributes.

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Sorry for the late reply, but it does actually look like a roblox core script so it might be a roblox bug like what @GibusWielder said.

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It is an error from a CoreScript on the server. This specific error only happens when FFlagFallbackLeaderstatOrdering is set to false though. For some reason, this flag defaults to false if it doesn’t already exist, so either the flag doesn’t exist for the OP, or Roblox is enabling the flag for select users.