ServerScriptService's Script changed on a FE game

A script inside of ServerScriptService of my game, which is FilteringEnabled, somehow was modified by an exploiter (who didn’t seem all the intelligent, so I’m going to say a skiddie), this odd exploit is rather annoying to me, because my game’s code is fairly advanced, so much that even if he could open the script and save it, it would still be difficult to change it the way he did without being a fairly competent scripter

Things to note: He exploited the range of some(not all) of his units to be large enough to shoot across the map and without drawing the ray, this seems a little trivial, but changing it for just his team, and then again for just some of his units, then again to not draw the ray seems rather complicated, I could chock the not drawing the ray part up to a coding mistake, but why make a mistake like that when you know how to code well enough to make only certain of your units fire above their set range

I’ve tried to make sense of it, and can’t, also, the game uses the following remotes that are applicable to the case:
HPUnit-- server to client, updates for HP rendering, and if it
DeleteUnit-- server to client, tells a client to stop rendering a unit, and to reject any update packets on that unit
ShotFired – server to client, this one draws the ray
SetUnitTargets – client to server, this fires when a user clicks a position, and the server takes the click position, and uses it to make the units start moving in that direction

The variables that describe the unit are stored in a table in a Module script, in ReplicatedStorage, the issue with him having modified this, and gotten the server to accept it, is that it wouldn’t account for why the rays weren’t drawn.

If you post a link to your game’s source in confidential tags I will take a look.

Let us know if this is something to be worried about