ServerStorage and others aren't working properly, causing massive fps drops

In Roblox Studio if you have many objects in ServerStorage. It will act like it is still in workspace, causing for some massive fps drops when flying/moving around in studio at the locations the buildings are supposed to be. If you remove all the content out of the ServerStorage and put it in a separate place, the lag is gone. The bug only happens in Studio, the game doesn’t show any FPS drops while playing in-game.

The bug happens with:

  • ServerStorage
  • ReplicatedStorage
  • Lighting

We started to notice the bug at 16th of July 2020. Assuming it happend with the latest update.

You can see the FPS drops when moving around in the right bottom corner. This happens at a lot more areas. Example is shown with objects still in the ServerStorage.

Example with ServerStorage empty (moved to another game location). Notice the FPS is a lot improved. Don’t mind the 45 FPS in the start, that’s normal.

Picture from above the example area, like you can see there’s almost nothing.

I can’t post much of the content as this game is not released to the public yet

The bug also happens to all other developers that have access to this game, copying the game to another location doesn’t resolve this issue. The only way to solve it by moving all ServerStorage content out of the game to another game till testing is required. What is annoying to do when working in a team.

Roblox Studio Version:

My specs:
OS: Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel Core i7 9700K
GPU: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Motherboard: Z390 GAMING PRO

This is the game we tested on.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?


The issue is currently still happening. Assets inside the ServerStorage still get logged as if it’s in workspace causing those areas to have a lower fps rate that drops sometimes from 60 to 30 fps.


Thanks for the info. When there are updates i will pass them on.