Set string as a part color

I saved a color3 value using the tostring method to a datastore, but I don’t know how to set it as a part’s color, the part is basically a mesh inside a model in the character, I know how to get the value but I have to convert it somehow
I’m don’t know a lot about datastores, but can you perhaps add multiple colors to one string? Perhaps having something like
1,0 , 0 ; 0, 1, 0
For saving two colors?

Yeah, you can. All you need is a separator different from the R, G and B separators:

local myColours = '150,255,190|44,243,41|232,39,123'
local splitColours = myColours:split('|')
local myColor3s = {}

for i,colour in ipairs(splitColours) do
    table.insert(myColor3s, Color3.fromRGB(unpack(colour:split(','))))

Printing the table gives us this, all of the sequences of numbers on the right indicate that it is a Color3:

If we pick up from above,

for i,colour in ipairs(myColor3s) do

I would suggest you don’t do it this way though. I would highly suggest using a table and inside of this table have your sequence of numbers:

local myTable = {
    ['Colour1'] = '111,222,111';
    ['Colour2'] = '222,222,222';
    -- etc...