SetCore(" ChatMakeSystemMessage ") Not Doing Anything

As the title says, I am having issues making the block of script below work.

Everything was working fine and it passed all debug tests. But nothing appears in chat.

Has anybody experienced a similar issue like this and is there any fix?

local DeathMessages = {
	"Suprisingly, %s died!","%s saw Rule 28: No Roblox","%s exploded","%s got a papercut","%s has been training themselves to breathe exclusively through their nose for almost a year now.","%s activated sticky keys",
	"%s stepped on a whoopee cushion","%s tripped","%s forgor :(","%s had microphone feedback enabled","%s failed the human verification quiz after months of studying","%s clicked a link ending with dQw4w9WgXcQ","%s is just sleeping","%s realized that every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes","%s was caught slacking",
	"%s failed to listen", "%s went afk","%s found out they have 0 rizz", "%s died in the lobby", "%s got an unexpected error from Roblox","%s asked for admin","%s got a life"

-- I edited the table from devforum so you may see some issues with it

local ChosenDeathMessage = DeathMessages[, #DeathMessages )]

function UploadDeathMessage(DeadPlayer)
	local FormattedDeathMessage = string.format(ChosenDeathMessage,DeadPlayer.Name)
		Text = FormattedDeathMessage,
		Font = Enum.Font.SourceSansBold, -- Default Font
		Color =, 0, 0), -- Red
		TextSize = 18, -- Default Size


This does put a System Message in chat but not in the color I would like it to be


do this instead

game:GetService("TextChatService").TextChannels.RBXGeneral:DisplaySystemMessage(`<font color="rgb(r, g, b)">{formateddeathmessage}</font>`)

this new thing supports rich text so you can do this

ChatMakeSystemMessage only works for LegacyChatService

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Thank you! I had just discovered it only works on LegacyChatService before reading this comment

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