:SetNetworkOwner() for an explosion?


I recently learned about the setNetworkOwner method. I’m currently working on a game that deals with unanchored parts almost exclusively. I don’t have a lot of issues with lag but this method was interesting to me.

Is it possible to use this method so that a client can create an explosion instance instead of the server? Currently whenever I need an explosion to be made, the client tells the server and then the server just does it. I was wondering if I could instead set the networkOwner of the explosion to the client that would otherwise be requesting the explosion.

My assumption is that no, this wouldn’t work, and instead I would need get Explosion.Hit and set all of those effected parts networkOwners to the player that requested the explosion.

I hope this makes sense. I’m pretty just typing stream of conscious right now.


no. Network ownership would let the client control the physics.

Fun fact, when you are near a part, network ownership is passed to you, that is why when you push a part around, it replicates

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Sounds buggy. It would only physically affect nearby parts which the network owner is the client (not necessarily all nearby parts, or parts around the explosion). The only exception is if the parts are definitely assigned to the clients network ownership, but that’s very niche.

Network ownership of the actual explosion instance shouldn’t actually matter—if it’s created on the client, it should cause physics to owned parts.