Setting up a module for dot notation and colon notation?

Greetings, I’ve run into a semi complex problem that I don’t quite know how to solve. I’m trying to create a custom module that can be used with a custom class, or directly.

This is the code I’ve got:

local GroupService = game:GetService("GroupService")

local Module = {}
Module.__index = Module

function Module.WrapPlayer(WrappedPlayer)
	if WrappedPlayer:IsA("Player") then

		--return WrappedPlayerFunctions
		return setmetatable({}, Module)
		warn(WrappedPlayer.." is not a 'Player' instance.")
		return WrappedPlayer

function Module:GetRankInGroup(GroupId)
	--local PlayerGroups = GroupService:GetGroupsAsync(WrappedPlayer.UserId)
	print(self, GroupId)

return Module

The idea here is I could do

local WrappedPlayer = Module.WrapPlayer(Player)
-- OR
Module.GetRankInGroup(Player, 1)

I’m clearly missing something here though. Anyone know what I need to do, and resources for further understanding?