Setting Velocity of Part Doesn't Launch it When Played from the Site

This one’s a pretty odd case that’s got me stumped. I’ve got a Coin and Gem object that is spawned locally by NPC’s and assigned a random Velocity to fling it away from the starting spot. This works exactly as I’d expect when testing from studio, however oddly when launching the game from the site to test these orbs simply fall to the ground. Printing their velocities reveal that the velocity is still set, just not obeyed it seems. I’ve tried replacing the direct Velocity assignment with a body velocity and body force that’s destroyed a short wait() later, however this also leads to it simply dropping to the ground only in game.

The code looks essentially like this:

self.Orb = script:FindFirstChild(Type):Clone()
self.Orb.Position = Position
self.Orb.AlignPosition.Attachment1 = self.Character.HumanoidRootPart.RootRigAttachment

if InitialVelocity ~= nil then
	self.Orb.Velocity = InitialVelocity

self.Orb.Parent = workspace
Physics:SetPartCollisionGroup(self.Orb, "Entity")

The parts themselves is a non anchored can collide true part contained within the local script. The NPC’s they’re spawned inside also have all of their parts set to CanCollide false.The AlignPosition is disabled until the player gets into range for the magnet effect. Any ideas what might be causing this difference in behavior between testing in studio vs on site?

Second Edit: Well nevermind on that, it appears to be back to the previous behavior upon republishing.

Is the InitialVelocity set in a local script or a regular script?
When you print the Velocity is it printing the Velocity assigned to the Part that is dropping, or the one it’s cloned from?

The orb only exists locally so it’s set in a local script as aside from a server held list of Orb GUID’s that should exist the server doesn’t know about what orbs actually do exist on which client. InitialVelocity is a vector3 argument provided when constructing a new Orb and falls somewhere in the range (-15 15, 30 45, -15 15). It’s printing self.orb.Velocity so it’ll be printing the cloned objects velocity.