Setting Visible false Causes Offscaling

When I was working on scaling the GUI, I’ve noticed that upon opening the menu ingame and in studio would result with the upper buttons compressing. So far, I’ve tried removing the UIAspectRatio to it as well as parenting the buttons to a different frame, but the problem still persists. So far the only way I found to prevent this is keeping the menu Visible, in which the correct sizes are kept, though I would rather keep the menu closed when the player spawns.

In Studio, with the GUI visible

During gameplay:

Does anyone know any solutions or causes for this?

For size use scale and not offset.

I resolved the issue by changing the x-scaling from its previous value of 0.05 to a much greater number for each button, but it was still odd to see Roblox not updating the lower value to the GUI until the menu was set to invisible, then set back to visible when the menu was opened.