Shadow Line Bug?

I happened to notice this weird shadow line that appears at random angles. I check to see if it was a lighting problem but couldn’t find anything then I checked to see if it was something Gui related and I couldn’t find anything.


This is happening to me also in every roblox game and even in studio, no matter what lighting technology you are using. The line that I have is horizontal instead of vertical. Thanks for posting this!


It’s happening to me as well, with the graphics level set to max. I think this is because of the AmbientOcclusion improvement released today.


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I noticed this while playing a round of arsenal about 20 minutes ago. I found it quite odd. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’ll assume it pops up in most every game. Like Snovwier had mentioned, it may be the recent improvements released today. For now I’d just say ignore it until it’s fixed.

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