Shadows Breaking when using Flashlight

Whenever I use a flashlight ingame shadows break around the light most of the time.
I have some videos of it happening here:

Sometimes it doesn’t appear but after a few seconds of looking around it appears.
Would like some help with this as it has been happening for a while.

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Are u on the highest graphical setting? Is ur lighting technology future? If both are yes then it’s a rblx bug, can’t help u

Maybe the physical model is interfering with the SpotLight, try setting the CastShadow boolean of all parts that constitute the flashlight to false.

Do you only see the weird shadows when you have your flashlight on?

If you, so could try his solution. Because enabling the shadows in the SpotLight can look weird in certain situations.

I set the CastShadow boolean to false on all the parts and it still seemed to be appearing.