Shadows form from really small parts within a large special mesh


On a recent Roblox update, shadows can now form from really small parts with large special mesh.

This occurs 100% of the time when people use a fire ball ability with one of the heroes in my game. Whenever they use it and the fire does impact into something solid, it leaves a large shockwave that gets really big, and with the update, it’ll just black-out the whole map when originally it doesn’t do that. The first picture below is how big the shockwave is and the picture below that is the effects of it black-outing the map.

Not sure if this is an intentional or not with the new lighting changes being made. The game’s lighting technology setting is set on legacy.

Further details:

To clarify, currently any cased mesh produces it’s own shadow. For example this is a really small part and it doesn’t cast a shadow.

However, when I add a mesh to it and enlarge it’s scale, it casts a shadow on it’s own.

This happens with any mesh that’s available on Roblox. What I’m saying is that on previous lighting updates, meshes never cast their own shadows. I don’t know if this was an intentional change or not, which is why I’m requesting for a bug report. So with this change, what ends up happening whenever a player uses a hero ability, the whole map goes pitch black because the explosion shockwave is based off of the mesh’s scale increasing.

Repro case:

Here’s the baseplate where you can see it happen.

FireballDer.rbxl (33.6 KB)

Relevant system specs:

Intel Core i7 - 6700HQ CPU