Shadows of Tsushima - Lore

A little background information on the game; this game is made in honor of HeavenlyAercX who passed away sadly due to the global pandemic. The game is a Samurai / Japanese type game, and is set in Japan. Your goal is to be the strongest, and it is a strongly recommended PVP game with an interesting sword system, quests, and more!

The year is 1523. You have just woken up from a deep sleep after the Great War (huge Samurai war), which isn’t a real thing in this period of history, and are the only surviving member of your Samurai clan. You have to work your way through the story of the game to unlock new memories of your past, fight through hordes of bad samurai, and eventually fight the lead of the Samurai.

There are numerous things that play a factor for advancing, like a sort-of simulator vibe meditation thing. It gives you more stamina, not damage or anything too broken but that is how you get enough energy for moves (sword skills).

That’s practically it for the lore.