Share the player screen with another player

inside the rp game i’m creating, i’m working on a Discord-like interface where players can message themselves within private channels so i’ve thought about adding a system whereby the player can show their screen (including the interface) to the other player but I have no idea how to do this, can someone help me?

I dont think this is quite possible, could be with alot of cloning and changing up values and stuff, I wouldnt know where to stably start. Tables and remotes would definitely be required though, even if this WAS possible.


Camera.CameraSubject = OtherHumanoid.

You can set a client’s camera’s subject such that it focuses on another client’s character’s ‘Humanoid’ instance (by default the camera focuses on the client’s own character’s ‘Humanoid’ instance).

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@nour3e7 has done this in one of his games. Maybe he will reply.

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From @nour3e7 [He doesnt meet reply requirments yet so had me send this]

-- Values
local Connection = nil

local PlayerToShowScreen = nil --["Player or make a function that sets it or whatever"]
local Player = nil --["Player that wants to see the screen"]

Connection = game:GetService("RunService").Heartbeat:Connect(function()
    local PlayerGui = PlayerToShowScreen.PlayerGui:GetChildren()


    for _, Gui in pairs(PlayerGui:GetChildren()) do
        local Clone = Gui:Clone()
        Clone.Parent = Player.PlayerGui

Make sure that the PlayerToShowScreen is set as a playerinstance and the same with Player

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