SharedSystem // Save, Share, and Collaborate efficiently and securely!

Save, Share, and Collaborate efficiently and securely!

The Problem

As a developer, you may feel that Roblox Studio by itself does not seem to work well with collaboration and sharing, such as wanting to hire a developer, but not wanting them to have full access to the game. Or maybe you wanted to share a script with a fellow coworker or friend, but you don’t want to accidentally have anybody else get it (from the “free-model” sharing method)

The Solution

SharedSystem is a great plugin, and not just because the logo looks clean! This plugin allows you to import and access your scripts saved to GitHub, export your scripts privately to pastebin, and more!

Not only can these things be quite handy, but you probs don’t want to have to deal with another UI on your screen, cluttering up anything. No worries, SharedSystem is completely integrated within the command bar!

Handy Dandy Uses


  • Easily share your directories and scripts without allowing access to your game by others
  • A more sturdy cloud storage
  • Much easier to create scripts when you don’t have access to Roblox Studio
  • Import to any game, whenever you feel like
  • No limitations on transactions!


  • Share your script with somebody using an individual link temporarily, as the paste expires after one hour!
  • Skip the parts where you need to send friend requests and such, just send them a link!


  • Link SharedSystem with a Discord bot to do the talking for you!
  • Choose to ping or just message in your picked server and channel.

Custom Command Bar

  • Shared System comes with its own command bar!
  • This feature allows your data to… wait… not be stored? History doesn’t save on it!
  • See output on the side of your screen as well!


Find the plugin here :point_right:

Youtube Tutorial :point_right:

Documentation and instructions are also included with the plugin.

Thanks so much for using SharedSystem!


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Okay, now. This is epic.
I will totally find use for this, damn!
That’s so cool. Thanks so much!

  • the logo is so cleeaan.

As someone on my team prefers using GitHub, we’ll be switching to this. Thanks for the awesome contribution.


Can there be a UI based plugin as well? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Possibly. I am busy with work and such, but that could come later in time :wink:

This is what I live for.

Props to you!!

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This is so cool! Will be using in the future.

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An interesting solution - what benefits does this have over using Rojo though synced through Github?
That’s my current setup for projects.

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I haven’t used Rojo, so I don’t know the advantage.
However, one may be that this command-bar based, making it clutter-free.

Edit: I will release some more stuff relating to sharing script, such as script-share-encoding.
Edit 2: This is more based around sharing and collaboration. not sure what Rojo focuses on.

Very good, for sure I will use this for games in the future. :+1:

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I really like the addition to sharing on github, it can really allow you to easily open source your project. I’m for sure gonna try this out when I can.

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I have updated the plugin!

  • You can now integrate roblox studio with a discord bot to directly message or ping others using the command bar in studio
  • You can opt-in to get a custom command bar; it does not keep history, and it shows output on screen

Hope that encourages you to switch :wink:

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