Sharing data between games

I would like to propose a cloud storage that allows games to share data between one another.

Right now data storage is great, but this would really take it to the next level and there are plenty of exciting use cases that come with it.

First off, reading data. It should be possible to read data from any data store in any other game that you own, this would allow us to reward players who play multiple games by the same developer. Perhaps it could be used to reward a player who manages a certain achievement in another game as yours. It would also allow players to have a Version 1 and Version 2 game system where their stats persist between games but Version 1 is still available to play.

Secondly, writing data. This is a little bit more complex as other games should not have permission to overwrite data for another game. This is where the idea of a cloud comes in. Every game creator should have access to another type of datastore service which is persistent between all their places. It could be used to introduce a global currency that works in all your games, for example Loleris could introduce “Mad Points” which players could spend in different games he has created. It would also be useful for groups, perhaps they have a clan-base or training center and they want to keep track of how well players are doing, this would be perfect for them.

Of course it needs proper discussion as I am sure there are going to be plenty of issues that arise with this but it would be very useful to us to be able to do this.

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