About Us

Hi there. Me and my team are working on a ROBLOX food game. We plan on growing it to be at least 60K+ members with daily revenue. We want to provide the best experience in the cafe genre, and have a wonderful community alongside us.

The Team
@spookzyn - Founder/Owner
@CouldBeYou - Builder
@CouldBeYou - Scripter
@CouldBeYou - UI
@CouldBeYou - Modeler

About The Job

We are looking for a professional team that can build in low-mid poly and create a game that brings many players to our community. We would like a tropical-themed game. Our main building will be medium-sized and it will be colorful, yet cozy. We plan on having a scripted aquarium underneath the building as our “main venue”. Sharkiez will be serving frozen treats, juice, teas and seafood. More will definitely be offered in the future.

Outside of Sharkiez, there will be an “amusement park” type theme on a pier. We hope to have a ferris wheel, clickable snacks (cotton candy, oreos, chips, etc) and the pier would lead to jet skis, where you must have “premium” or an other gamepass to ride them in the water. More things will be talked about later on.

We are looking for candidates who are at least 15 years old, and have a good amount of experience in the food/cafe genre. Your schedule may be flexible, we understand that a lot of people are in school or have real-life jobs.


For now, we are paying through percentages until the game fully launches.

Builder(s) - 15%
Scripter(s) - 15%
Modeler(s) - 10%
UI(s) - 10%

This can be negotiated, we want to provide the best experience for our team. Once the game is launched and active, each person will receive 3,000 R$, along with their percent revenue.

Contact Us

You may contact me through Discord only, my tag is Seraph#2100.

Pleasure to meet you! :slightly_smiling_face:


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