Shift lock switch, but the avatar shouldn't move with the camera

I’m trying to make a third-person camera like GTA where you can move the camera around without holding the RMB, kinda like the shift lock switch, except, the character doesn’t move around with the camera
I don’t know how to script with cameras.
Third-person cameras like GTA, Mafia, etc.

If you want to do this using roblox’s camera system, I would make a custom move script. I would set AutoRotate property on the humanoid to false and rotate the character to the direction every time the character is walking.

If with scriptable on, I would just set the camera offset to behind and turn off shift lock.

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While I was trying to unlock this shift lock on Roblox’s official WeaponsSysteam, I stumbled upon videos similar to what you’re describing.

What you are trying to achieve is in this video, plus a place with scripts you can use. You only need the CameraScript and the Mouselock script. Delete CharRotate script.