Shift locked when not

Hello developers, I was just testing out my game and found out that my camera is always locked just like shift lock when I haven’t enabled it. I’m assuming Its caused by a script. (Sorry if this is in the wrong category)
Here’s a video to explain what I mean:

robloxapp-20220524-1728496.wmv (1.7 MB)


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Are you sure there’s no script that enables or messes with shift lock?

Im sure it has something to do with a script I just dont know which one.

Oh I figured which one.
its the HealthDisplayScript in startercharacterscripts.


Here’s my script:

gui = script.Parent
char = gui.Parent
humanoid = char:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")

healthbar = gui.Healthbar
healthDisplay = gui.HealthDisplay

gui.Adornee = char:FindFirstChild("Head")

function updateDisplay()
	healthDisplay.Text = math.floor(humanoid.Health) .. "/" ..humanoid.MaxHealth
	healthbar:TweenSize( / humanoid.MaxHealth, 0, 1 , 0))


Happens to me too…

I assume it’s a studio bug because it happens randomly and stops when i restart studio