Shipping Port Conference Room White Board

I made another white board drawing for the conference room in my game.

What do you guys think?


really looks like a child drew it instead of doing it with a mouse do it with a pen

It’s a computer. How am I supposed to draw with a pen smh. Besides, it’s supposed to look low quality since it’s a white board with just random stuff on it.


Jeez, don’t gotta be so rude. Also, you can draw with special pens on a computer if you didn’t know lol

just search up ‘wacom’

How it looks really depends on the style of the game/context of the conference room. A cartoony game would be well fit for this, but a more realistic one would probably use less colors and more technical stuff.

Very nice! maybe add some little math equations for the cost of the ships. But either way, it’s a good whiteboard!