Shirts and Pants not rendering in ViewportFrames

So I’m currently making a “Hologram” type system that allows you to see players or objects if your view is obstructed by other objects. Right now, I’m trying to render in Shirts and Pants, however they don’t seem to appear.

I’ve gotten Accessories as well as Faces to load onto the Holograms, but Shirts and Pants don’t seem to want to give. They appear inside of the CharacterModel, but don’t actually render :\

Figure #1:
- I just simply clone the LocalPlayer’s Character into a Frame. Shirts and Pants render just fine.

Figure #2: Same thing, but Accessories and Faces are wiped intentionally for testing, whereas Shirts and Pants are supposed to render, but just don’t.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Figure 1 renders them every time without failure so it isn’t a loading issue to the best of my knowledge.

Could you provide some of the code that is bugging to help us help you?


I think you need to have a humanoid in the model with the right RigType and the character has to be a Model object.