Short music tune

I haven’t really posted anything on here music related before so I just got one of my small tunes.

What do you guys think about it?

The song is just a tune. It was supposed to just be a test.

Feel free to use it if ya want to.
It is actually supposed to loop but whatever.


Sounds good, almost like it would go in an arcade game. The end is to discordant though.


Feels like i’m in an arcade all of a sudden! Sounds good. Maybe work a bit more on the ending? It sounds like you’re building up to something.


Nice but the ending notes are way too random and off-key suddenly. I’d try to fix that.

Crazybus title screen flashbacks

I am glad you guys like that. The ending was kind of intentional. I might put some more stuff up here since I am working on a music suite too.

You used Chrome Music Maker to make this?

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