Shortcut for writing elseif loops

I’m trying to write an elseif loop to check for a certain number (using math.Random). It will check that number, then go into a folder called “Circles” and pull out the respective part.

How can I make it so I don’t have to repeat myself so much?

Here’s my code:

local val = math.Random(1, 20)
if val == 1 then
    local cX = circles.Circle1.Position.X
    local cY = circles.Circle1.Position.Y
    local cZ = circles.Circle2.Position.Z

-- repeat until 20

Is local cZ = circles.Circle2.Position.Z meant to be local cZ = circles.Circle1.Position.Z?

Yeah. I made a typo, sorry.
30 chars

You can take the value of the val variable and concatenate the string "Circle" to it to generate a name of a circle that you can use to index circles with.

local val = math.random(1, 20)
local circle = circles["Circle" .. val]

local position = circle.Position

local cX = position.X
local cY = position.Y
local cZ = position.Z