Should a Melee System be Added To My Game?

Hello Everyone, I’ve been making a game for around 5 months and I was wondering if I should add a melee system to my game.

I’m think of making the player have iframes when they go to stab/slash an enemy, and I’m open to any other melee system suggestions as well.

In exchange for adding this system, I will take away some ammo from the player. Also, I want to know everyone’s thoughts on the progress I made so far.
Link to the game


Very interesting concept! Played for a bit and seemed really cool!

I think a melee system could be very interesting for a game like this. Maybe at first the player could only use their gun itself to melee but they find other melee weapons across the bunker? Just an idea.

However, some critiques. The UI was weird and most it was off centered, probably due to offsets. You can fix this with the Autoscale Lite Plugin. The recoil on the starting gun was weird and kicked way too hard for a pistol in my opinion. But other than those small critiques, I think it has potential. Keep creating :grinning:


Thank you for playing!
I also like that idea of having other melee weapons, I’m most likely going to add it in later on. I was going to go with just a knife and call it a day.
Also thank you for telling me the guis are off center and helping me fix it, I never got this kind of feedback when other people played.

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Just played a few runs of the game, the concept is really unique and its fun but some stuff wasn’t clear to me.

First time I started the game I thought it was glitched because of how dark floor 1 is (I didn’t realise the game had actually started), I like the darkness but I think their should be some scripted event in the first room/corridor of floor 1 that helps the player understand. For example, starting in the elevator with it’s light on, stepping out into a sort of “reception” room where all the lights flicker and turn off, then the player is prompted to turn on their flashlight.

Some stuff wasn’t communicated to the player well, for example:

  • No blood splatter/hitmarker/sound effect when hitting the enemies.
  • The UI on the main menu not telling the player that the game was loading, I ended up clicking play a few times thinking it wasn’t working because of the long delay
  • In one of the rooms in floor 1, there was this green goo stuff that instantly killed me (maybe it didn’t and an enemy just snuck up on me or something, but it felt like it did). This felt sort of unfair as I had no way of knowing that the stuff harmed the player. Perhaps a scripted sequence that shows the player its dangerous without actually telling them? See the mock-up below:

As for the actual melee system, I think its a good concept that prevents a scenario where a player has no ammo left, but right now, the knife feels too hard to use because of how dark it is, same with using the keycard. Perhaps making the flashlight independent from the gun, allowing it to be toggled whenever would help, as it would let me see the enemy I’m trying to melee. As for the keycard door, just a sound effect when you open it would do.

Not to be too critical though, the game was seriously fun and has a lot of potential!

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Thank you for playing and the constructive feedback!
Right now, I’m making player dialogue and when you enter that room, the player will be prompted with their dialogue saying “This room smells really toxic (Or something along the lines of that) and I think I should avoid it”.

Also the melee system is under development, I’m planning to make it so you have Iframes (Invincibility frames) on the startup of the attack. (I will also prompt that in the tutorial part). I also put lights on the ceiling to use for visibility when using melee so it kind of forces the player to sprint to the ceiling lights. (I also trust the player that they will have to learn it by themselves).

Also, I’m still trying to figure out a way to make a loading screen for the play button. But I’m having trouble with it so far. I will figure it out once Floor One has been fully completed or after the dialogue has finished.

As for the sound effects, I added effects for the knife, and I’m not sure what to add for the gun. This is because I’m trying to make this game sort of realistic, but also to align with the lore I have.