Should a simulator do 13+ or 13- Or both when sponsoring

Well i do know the majority of the players that plays simulators is under 13, That doesn’t mean they couldn’t fake their age on roblox. So i’m really wondering what i should do, to get the most impressions.

Answers needed quick.

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I would say that you would want to do 13- because a lot of the people who play simulators are 5-10, and (especially in the lower ranges of) those ages will usually put their real age in (because a parent made their account)

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I would say simulators should do both so it’s for all player and that way they can get more people just by having all ages so.

Although some kids put their real ages, others don’t. Which is why I’d suggest doing both.

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You don’t get more by selecting the age.

Oh ok I thought you did but ok. (I could be wrong so)