Should developers be allowed to use parts of CorePackages or sandbox studio to create custom Classes?

As I work with apps and react (Roact), lemur, testEZ etc. a lot, I feel that thy should open corepackages for developers to use, or parts of it

  1. This will make it so the user doesn’t have to download the module as a dependency every time they want to use it in work, as this contains stuff such as TestEZ, Roact, Rodux, UIBlox and Cryo.
  2. This will make it so that there won’t be a duplicate library of something that already exists.

Let me elaborate on what I mean by a “sandbox studio”; basically a studio where you get freedom of every ClientCoreScript, and you get to edit the client flags, but with this you won’t be able to publish it, itt will be a file on your machine, an extension of “.rbxls”

I don’t think I explained it clearly enough, if you missed anything, please question me below