Should games have their own theme?

Hello, I am Marekmarian and I work on game “Left Behind” it is a post apocalyptic game with a huge story line and 4 main characters, and recently I have seen a lot of out-roblox games having their own theme… Is it a good idea to have a custom theme for your game?


Please define theme. There are many ways to interpret the word and it’s not made clear what you’re referring to. Theme as in a track, a certain “template” that the game follows, something else?


Theme as a music/song… Black mesa is a great refference.

Completely up to you then. If you ask me, yes, absolutely having a custom composed track associated with your game is part of the charm and what keeps it memorable. You may also want to use it to set a certain atmosphere and precedent for the rest of your game’s music if you plan to be adding background music throughout gameplay.

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Well it is up to you for the theme after all it’s your game not mine.

A theme is very important if your making a story type game, If the player knows what the themes is about they will have a much more fun experience playing and understanding the game, so yes you should have your own theme.

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Yes, making your own idea is always the best option for a new game, because no one has done it before, and you can make your OWN ideas from it, which is a big thing. I say go for making your own “theme” for your game.

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