Should I add Donation Systems to my game?

I have seen some games have donation systems in place but usually the large games do not have any of those donation systems as they most probably are earning enough or more than enough. However, I have seen some games which are not large, not having donation systems in place. So, I am wondering if donation systems are a good thing to put in games.
I am going to put a poll so that the reply section is not spammed with “yes” and “no” only.

  • Yes
  • No

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Donations are added if fans or random people want to donate to you because why not. Bigger games don’t need donations since their gamepasses do all the work.


More chances to earn money > More money will be made.

While this might not be true always, donation systems still boost the chance of gaining more money. And you can never have too much money lol!

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Yes, but give some prestige to donors. I have an ingame chat tag for donors in my game. Maybe you could do character morphs or sparkles or something.


This might be because they include game passes rather than adding donation systems just for players to support their work, If your goal is to make a little bit of profit. You might wanna find different ways to make “robux” rather than forcing players to donate for no reason game passes and donation systems are a good choice, even if you add these options add something that’ll reward the players back for supporting your work.

Donations systems aren’t really needed in any kind of way from my knowledge, there more used if players want to support your work for you to continue pushing out updates advertising your game so on and so forth. Players tend to buy game passes if you’re wanting to do something that way.

However, if you plan to add a donation sort of system add some sort of reward so if they donate something it gives them a bonus as an incentive.

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