Should I add film grain to my game?

Sorry for the low quality, blame Gyazo.

The video is just me turning film grain off and on. When it’s lighter that’s supposed to be the film grain. As well as super small ‘grains.’

Please answer the multiple choice poll to help me decide whether to keep it or not.

  • Film grain should be a setting that can be turned on and off.
  • The film grain would be better if it was more transparent.
  • The film grain would be better if it was less transparent.
  • Please don’t add film grain to your game.
  • Other (Reply)

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Why would you want to add film grain?

To give it a ‘scary’ feel to it. Like what the Walking Dead did to make it seem more real.

Personally, I like the grain feel to your game! Maybe a bit more transparent though.

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Imo it depends on what kind of game you’re making.

If your game is story or slower-paced, then it’s completely fine.
If it’s a fast-paced game that’s not horror, I would decide against it.

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To add onto what @DoctorBaconEater
It entirely depends on your game and how you’d think it would feel best. If you believe it’ll add onto the gameplay, add it, if you think it’ll harm gameplay, remove it, if you’re conflicted, add both but have an option to toggle it off/on.

Honestly looking at the video, I can barely make out the grain/if there is any. It just turns lightly grey on the screen. I don’t think it would be that annoying though.

However, without the film grain, there is more contrast/detail in my opinion which makes it dark yet bright at the same time.


The video posted is somewhat old, I made it more transparent.

It’s going to be enabled for the game’s loading screen that has like a play button/tutorial/update log type thing just for appearances.

Other than that it’ll be a toggleable setting. Should I make it be turned on first or should I let curious players turn it on themselves?