Should I advertise or/and sponsor my game?

Sorry if it’s not the right category!

I wanted to advertise my game on Christmas, to get some bonus robux back and I want to spend around 800 robux on sponsorships and 100 robux on ads. Is it worth it?

(My game currently has 3 visits)


From what I have seen people talking about on the forums is, unless you’re putting 10,000+ robux into advertising, its not going to much for your game. I wouldn’t exactly recommend advertising it for 900. Just what I’ve seen as the answer on other posts.


It might be a bit unworthy, since you really can’t guarantee that player will click (or even see) the ad. I would say the same about sponsoring.

If you imagine yourself in a random person’s perspective, it might be interesting if the ad isn’t typical. Like: I made an ad for my ghost hunting game and I included a very obvious mention about the game concept. Around 180 have clicked it.

Try making your ad interesting and not typical. (this will probably work if your game is one-of-a-kind. For example, ghost hunting games on Roblox aren’t that usual, so i got a lot of clicks from that.)

(this does not mean tht you should scam people with your ads :sweat_smile:)

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In my opinion, I think you should do both.