Should I allow advertising within my game? How do I get MAU of my game?

Hello, Dev forum. I recently made a game called “Roblox Game Teleporter” and I was wondering if I should allow users to advertise their game within the game by purchasing game passes and/or dev products. I was also wondering I there were any limitations within the TOS regarding this issue. Also, another thing I was wondering is “Is MAU the amount of visits a game gets per month”. How can I calculate this. Finally my new game has already gotten 100 visits in the past month and I haven’t gotten the Golden Crown of O’s (link below), should I have gotten it by now? Thank you so much for reading!

(9) Gold Crown of O’s - Roblox



I think it’s fine to advertise because GRP or Group Recruiting Plaza does this.

Not sure, if Roblox will allow you to charge your clients for advertising. This is something we need to talk about.