Should I Be Spending More Per Sponsorship?

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong with my sponsorships. I’ve been splitting up about 60/40 between PCs and touch screen devices for my sponsorships. The game has gotten good feedback, but my CTR is low (0.3% on PC, 0.1% on tablet and 0.66% on phone), and people tend to leave the game before playing a round because it requires 3 people, and it’s hard to get that many people playing at one time. Even on a 2k sponsorship(1k PC, 500 mobile + tablet), I didn’t break 10 concurrent players. Should I be investing more sponsorships per day, to ensure more people? I was hoping to hit 20-30 concurrent players by now, but the servers still aren’t breaking 10 people. Also, here is my game icon:

I’m not sure what needs to change for the icon, but obviously the CTR is low, so it needs improving.

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!


What is the game about and does it mess up with other games that have the same style? The game looks confusing and looks like a slasher horror. I recommend you change your ad campaign to something more of a informative type and gives information rather than just a picture and words, ad filtering has to work for both parties try to experiment with them with players and see what they like to get the most amount of players in your game.
Thats all


Invest in a better icon instead of more sponsorships. I can help you out if you want: dt#6595


I think we might need more information here. When are you putting up the ads? What time are people usually playing your game? How old is the game? Have you tried spreading the game via word of mouth?
Try answering these questions and it will help us and you.

Edit: Could you tell me what CTR is?


I sponsor every day at 10am GMT time. People are playing it whenever there are a few people in server. Game is new, it’s in alpha. It is being spread by word of mouth, yes. CTR is the amount of clicks divided by the impressions the ad gets.

Looking at your statistics, I’d reconsider game design overall. As mentioned in a few replies above, the game seems similar to other games but (no offense) lower in quality.

If you’re going to make a game that’s similar to a trending game on Roblox you should at minimum ensure the quality is better by a lot or else it just won’t peak anyone’s interest.

In terms of quality you need to consider:

  • Gameplay (Quality)
  • Gameplay (Concept)
  • Better visuals (UI, Logo, Thumbnails)

I’ve been told by many people that they like the concept and it’s unique. Yes, it is a similar genre, but the actually gameplay is different and has added gameplay mechanics to it. So I’m not sure if you’ve played the game, but I think the concept is already good. The gameplay does need improving, but it is only in alpha, and a lot more is intended to come. I do also agree that visuals need a big improvement, so I’ll try to work on that as soon as possible! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. And if I misunderstood you, please correct me! Thanks!

When you survey people make sure these people are completely random, you want to take feedback from a unbiased community. If the people you surveyed previously were your friends or acquaintances I’d recommend re surverying. A good place to ask for feedback is on the DevForum in Cool Creations!

  1. The icon needs to be improved.
  2. The lobby looks kind of ugly, everything is purple and it made by kind of out of the game.
  3. The materials for the parts need to be improved.
  4. If all else fails, try advertising.
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I played it again for gameplay and the gameplay was very fun, I think your issue is some buildings (e.g lobbies) however, the UI looks really poor so I would fix that.

He asked people on the DevForum a while ago, so basically unbiased.

The amount of robux you’re spending on the sponsors is good enough. Your CTRs are actually not too bad. Games which require multiple players before starting are a lot more difficult to grow. If you can find a way to lower to the minimum players by 2, that would help tons. Update your game icon so the characters inside it are larger or maybe only include one large character would be my recommendation.

Answer to question in title:
Yes. 5k is the bare minimum to start seeing results, and that’s assuming the marketing and game itself are both captivating.

Additional information:
It’s not worth the robux right now. The following phrase is a bit of a meme, but it applies here: “Your icon tells me literally nothing about your game”. The way to fix this is to connect with what the viewer is already familiar with. If I see a floating glow pet in the icon with the word “Simulator” I already know what 95% of the game is. I see a firearm, it’s a shooter. I see a paintbrush, it’s a game where you draw using the cursor.

As for the game itself, I can’t say too much since I didn’t get into a round, but the tutorial leaves a bad first impression. Roblox players don’t like reading. My preferred tutorial methods are either A: to not have a tutorial at all, or B: put a miniscule amount of information on a board near the spawn with the most critical details.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m just wondering, what would you suggest for an icon, having played the game? I am looking into making a new icon, with just the Virus monster was the focus, with a coloured background. Should be more attractive, but it doesn’t fully capture the essence of the game I suppose. I tried getting in the guns and stations in the initial icon, but it just didn’t come out well I guess.

Ok now that I played a round, it seems like this belongs in the Piggy genre. Here are some ways your icon can communicate that:

  • Make the monster the main focus, and makes its eyes red. However, be aware that your monster may be breaking the terms of service because it has a human shape with all parts being the same color.
  • Put the name of the monster in the icon. “The Virus” gives the wrong impression so you may want to revise the monster’s name.
  • Use black in the background. It doesn’t need to be entirely dark, but it should fade to black on at least one of the edges.

Lastly, consider learning the basics of Blender to make a high quality render. It’s easy to get started. Type in “roblox blender tutorial” on YouTube to find some useful tutorials.

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