Should I make a custom health system?

Should I make my own health system? I’ve made one before but there are always delays between deaths. (I use int values.) So is custom health systems good for anything?

Just depending on the type of game you are making. Do, what your heart says tho.

Yeah there good and they make your game stand out from just the regular roblox health bar I say just go for it but this time dont use int values try to challenge yourself

In general, there’s no need to create your own health system. It’ll actually be slower since you’d still have to kill the character by setting their health to 0, unless you’re using a Luanoid, that is.

The delay you see before death is most likely because of the character being killed in the server, which doesn’t immediately happen on the client due to replication lag. (Creating a custom health system would still have the same problem)

If you’re talking about the respawn time, you can change it yourself in Players.RespawnTime.

What if I made a remote event to call the int value to change on client to replicate on server so like .OnClientEvent?

If you handle health calculations on the client, exploiters will be able to control their own health. Don’t forget exploiters can do everything you can in the client, including calling remotes.
They could call the health remote to give themselves max health, for example.

If I would create my own health system, I would create it only for practice. I believe roblox health system is already optimized enough and I couldnt do it more efficient

So what would be the best way to do it because I want a system made by myself so my game can stand out even for the littlest detail.

You could still make your custom health system. However, make sure the client can only REDUCE it’s own health, therefore making health exploits useless, since the best thing the exploiter can do is reducing their own health.

Okay, yes I only want to reduce the health because there is only a delay between when the health is reduced and not when the health is added, Thank you.

I’d say your choice. As others have said, it depends on what type of game you want to create. For example, if you want a fighting game, then it would be cool to have a custom one, if you’re creating a roleplay or simulator type game, then it wouldn’t fit with the theme that well.

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