Should I make an etika memorial on a bridge?

So I want to make an etika memorial, and I want to do it on a manhatten bridge, as this is where fans of him gathered to honor him, but I don’t know if people would take it that way, I dont want to offend anyone on this situation, so whats my best option to take this.


Is this for a showcase or real life Manhattan?

Just a showcase to honor him for what he was to me and other people

Tbch, I’d just do it. It’s a completely reasonable action and it’s pretty honorable. People nowadays get offended at the slightest thing, and I’m sure there will be people who don’t want a memorial at all. You can’t please everybody.

Slight negativity aside, I think it’s a nice idea and a bridge just makes sense. You could just make a little statue of him in a courtyard with benches and trees (that might offend fewer people).

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck!


Thank you so much. I will definetly do this.

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Great idea. I did not watch Etika’s videos but so long as you are paying tribute to his memory, that’s a good thing to do, and as Yolobeans stated, honourable.

I would just hope, personally, that it’s a happy environment and not a sad/depressing one.

Best of luck.

No. This is a very bad idea. The showcase would be filled with constant trolls plus Roblox really isn’t the platform to create things such as this.

Im going to have friends moderate the place to make sure trolls like this don’t slip by.