Should i make my game R6 or R15

The title says everthing, what i could do?

I just counted one disvantage by using one of this rigs:

R6: Animations are not very “Realistic”
R15: Collision Hit-box is smaller and some scripts (Like a wall jump script) will not work, or maybe not as how i want.

What could i do? Thanks. :+1:


Personally, it depends on the type of game i’m trying to accomplish. If i’m going for a realistic fps, i would use R15. I guess, you can do it the same with r6, but i feel like animation is more smooth and clean with curves of reloads, shooting and more. If i’m going for maybe low poly mini game, i wouldn’t really focus realistic animations. I guess its preferred preference.


This is definitely down to preference.

Many people say they dislike R15 because they feel “nostalgic” of the R6, but others say they don’t like R6 because of how restrictive the animations are. You didn’t really give us much information to go off of except for this:

If R15 is going to stunt your game’s progress, than R6 would be the better option to get your game out there and get more experience with programming first.

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Could you give us more info like style, concept, gameplay, ETC.

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The game has alot of gamemodes and fun events, such as Minigames, protect the statue, boss fights, and coming soon: fps, capture the flag, pass the parcel, deathrun, etc.

@Strongjohnfgamer @LuciferVonhart

I think it would appear better as R15 but be easier to use R6.

When I was in military groups I always used R6 cause many scripts will not glitch by it.
Like most guns you can only use by R6. I suggest to use R6.

I prefer to use R15 because:

  • It allows scaling
  • It looks more realistic
  • Most Roblox players use R15

Of course you can allow both R6 and R15 but you should make sure your scripts and animations are compatible with both. I always get some errors like Right Leg is not valid member of Model when I allow both so I don’t recommend enabling both at the same time.

But choice is yours, I prefer R15 and I only use R6 when absolutely needed.

Personally I would say R6 as it isn’t as prone to “glitches”. But that being said R15 does look alot cleaner so honestly it just depends on your preference.


It depends on what you want, since some people find R15 annoying, especially when making something like a parkour game. Some scripts are easier to do with R6, since I think there aren’t many body parts and only a torso instead of lower and upper torso.

I would suggest using R15 because it looks better than R6 and you can make better animations with R15.

I’d make it so that both can co-exist ^^. Players love customization, don’t take it away from them.


I love R6 because it’s must easier to make nice animations, and I think it’s much more true to original aesthetic of roblox. I just feel R6 can look really nice, and I think R15 has too many moving parts and is overwhelming.


There will be customization in my game, but i must choose one rig, since my game will have emotes, and i can’t make two emotes that are the same.

Well, you can easily convert r6 animations to r15 :slight_smile:

Made by TheNexusAvenger himself.

That might be useful, but I want to point that the collision hitbox for R15 is very small.

You can just turn collission off for the r15 body and apply a r6 hitbox.

How i can do that? I should create another part and apply it as a hitbox?

I prefer R6, it may be because I prefer older Roblox, but I personally feel like in some cases R15 is better. If you’re asking for your game “Stages” I would recommend R6 seeing as it’s more minigame-based. I’ve also heard that it’s easier to preform glitches with R15, so be careful of that.

Depends on the type of the game. As you know R15 has more parts than regular R6 so for heavy games its possible to make more lag. I suggest using R15 for games with small servers and are not laggy if you wish to make them look more realistic and cool such as RP games, Minigames etc. . However for more heavy games such as FPS games you should use R6 because it will make less lag also in such a games people do not care about what you use. I personally use R15 for games that are not laggy in order to give them better look and R6 for games that can make more lag. However its about to you.