Should I open up for commisions? - GFX

FriYay! Hello Everyone, I’m thinking of opening commissions though i’m still a week old to the world of GFX’ing. Is it Nay or a Yay ? .Thank you for viewing.


This is not enough evidence for people to really determine if you should or not. However, I’ll share my opinion with this only GFX.

I don’t think that you’re really prepared and that you should open up comissions giving something like that.

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Ty! I’ll try to improve and improve till’ im ready

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I think its too early, I saw all of your gfx on dev forum and you just started uploading them just a week ago.

No, you should wait.
Also you should try to remove that grain from the renders also start using evee (Blenders new render system in blender 2.8) if haven’t already.

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Nay, i’ve been opening comissions 5 months after i started and i started realy good

Eevee or cycles doesn’t matter. infact i recommend you using cycles.
although eevee is realtime it is still in its early years of development.
Cycles has been updated and improved over years