Should I pursue this project, should I push myself?

I own a game: Blacksmith - Roblox
The concept is pretty unique… it hasn’t been done before ( as far as I’m aware )

My question is… should I invest my time into a game that has a unique idea but has a chance of failing.
I’m not in it for the money, just to make people happy and to keep myself occupied during this time.

All feedback appreciated.

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it could fail or it could succeed, that’s my only concern.

if me and my team are going to spend months on a game then It should at-least bring in a few players

i think u should pursue it, as long as ur motivated and passionate about the project.

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If you are looking strictly at odds, your chance of failure is huge… however it depends on how you gauge failure.

I can tell you from experience though, that all your failures will lead to your success… so i say pursue it but not so much that it prevents other opportunities from opening up to you.


You, most likely, should pursue it if you have motivation. Just be prepared to spend a few bucks on advertising or if you don’t have funding try to get it on YouTube or something.

If it’s something you’re passionate about then sure go into it. But I don’t think a game concept like that would succeed because a primarily singleplayer game would have to be really captivating, especially on ROBLOX where players like meeting other players.
It could be turned into a team-work game like Work at a Pizza Place, which has seen success imo. Either making many small, simple things or one big, cool thing. Town quests could lead to upgrades for the team and maybe when a fort needs protecting all players can grab a tool that was previously made.