Should I redesign those stairs?

I have been asking myself a lot recently if I should redesign those stairs. I did not know if I Should or not, So I want to ask other people. Should I redesign those stairs?
Please reply with this format:
(Yes or no)
(Why you chose yes or no)
(What can I do to improve those stairs?)

Here are some pictures of the stairs:


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Yes. Kind of.

They just need more color. They look blander than British cuisine. Give the edges or the part under the lip a different color, even a different shade of grey, and they will look nicer.

Also you might want to fix the edge and make it smooth.

Thank You for your reply, NotAstrain! I will add it to more replies that come in and see how it looks.
Have a nice day and stay safe! :smiley:

I tried making it grey but it didn’t look as good since I am making an “Evil Ice King’s Castle” as part of my adventure/story game.

Yes, because the stairs needs coloring and it is too small in my opinion. You should make that platform a bit higher and in this case, stair should be higher as well.

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