Should I sponsor or run ads? Any game advertising tips? Thank you!

So, I have 20,500 robux that I’d like to use on my Obby game.

However lately I’ve been reading a lot about sponsors not being worth it and or ads being the way to go, as well as read a bunch of forum posts advising how to use statistics given like imperssions, ctr and what not to do this correctly.

Is there any particular time/day I should do this?

I am asking for any other personal experience advice you may have…

This is the game, it usually has around 80-100+ players concurrent without ads during this christmas time, normally 50+ before Christmas, not sure if this 80-100-150 is gonna be permanent growth now in concurrent players of if it’s just because of Christmas.

I’m wanting to invest into it as I am truly trying to turn this into a business potential future.
My aim is for Developers Exchange ofcourse and I am kind of lost without guidance or any proper 1 on 1 help. If anyone would want to speak with me via discord as well i’ll truly be thankful.

Just trying to make it. Thank you for your time.


Hello! Great question!

if you do plan to spend it on an ad, dont do a sponsored one.
Make an ad on the top of the site.

Make it look nice! :slight_smile:


your ad either needs to be stupid, cool, or both. no inbetween. i suggest hiring someone experienced to make your ads for you!! try to not to put your ads up during major holidays because there will be more competition for the ad space so you’ll get less than your money’s worth.

in general, it’s mostly based on luck. try not to spend your robux on ads all in one go. spread it out over a period of time. it’s basically a gamble lol

also, content creators are a good way to promote your game!! it doesn’t need to be a huge celebrity youtube channel, just someone with a decent amount of viewers so you can get a bit of exposure for your game.


Thank you greatly both of you for your input!

I ran two ads when making this post, a regular ad and a sponsored. Both were 1k robux each.

The regular ad had a CTR of 0.60 which based off what I’ve read is not good.
The sponsored seems to be a lot worst?
Sponsored ad statistics below.
0.02% CTR
CPC 1.77 robux
Impressions 2.85mil.
Clicks 565
Attributed visits 1,001
CPP 1 robux
Post Click 267
Post view 734

Regular ad statistics below

Impressions 68k almost 69k.
Clicks 361
CTR 0.61%

So I’ve read a lot about regular ads being better than sponsored… but based off these statistics I assume my sponsors was better?

Any further advice appreciated!!