Should I use ProcessRecipt() after I used PromptPurchase() and NOT PromptProductPurchase()?

It’s very self-explanatory. I’ve read the hub about this, and it said this “event” will be fired when PromptProductPurchase() function is complete. However, should I also use this “event” on PromptPurchase as well?

The callback shouldn’t be inside of a function, it should be standalone similar to how you’d receive a .OnServerInvoke function.

I don’t believe it fires when PromptPurchase works so no.

Try using PromptPurchaseFinished instead.

ProcessReceipt is only for Developer Products so you can handle the case of a purchase. It is required as products are purchases that can be made repeatedly. In the case of other purchase methods, you need to use their corresponding xFinished signal if you want something to happen after the prompt closes. This information is on the Developer Hub.

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