Should remotes be specialised or more general?

I am making a remote event for my game and I was wondering if there are any benefits to making my events more specific or one event for related things.

In my case, I need to duplicate something on the server to a specific client, but I may also want to modify it. Would it be better to make one remote for each (i.e. seperate remotes for modification and duplication) or a single remote that would take an argument for what you want to do? Are there any benefits for each?

Depends, if both of those actions are going to be handled by a single script and localscript on both sides then yeah, a single remote is better. If they are going to be handled by separate scripts/localscripts then multiple RemoteEvents are the way to go.
Of course that’s my opinion, you might also want to choose one of those options depending on the need organization or readability. Either way, there won’t be much of a performance difference between the two.

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Okay that explains it. I only have one script which will be handling this stuff. Thanks for the help