Should ROBLOX add a verification system? For Roblox Celebrities

We all know the impersonation issues within the Roblox Platform. This has always been a thing. But how can we approve if someone is real or fake. Knowing about the Display Names Feature, we know it has increased. How can we improve this from happening?

For those who do not know about the display name feature -
Say "Hello" to Display Names!

Impersonation will always be a thing. It will never be fixed. But there are ways to improve this. Although this has been discussed, we need Roblox to make minor changes to the platform to try to prevent this. Display names did nothing but make everyone impersonate roblox celebrities.

Not long ago…
I was impersonated by an anonymous user. They had cookie logged roblox users and I got blamed for it. This all happened in the game, “Trade Hangout”. Luckily I contacted roblox for them, getting the people scammed a rollback.

Almost every week I see at least one person as a, “mrflimflam”, “Pokediger1”,“ROBLOX”.
What’s the issues with impersonation?

Roblox should make a verification system (As been announced several times) for Developers over 1k verified roblox followers, and Youtubers over 10k subscribers. This verification system should be transferred to every platform and not only PC.

Please. Leave thoughts below.


Star Icons already exist for content creators.

Giving any verification to developers is pretty useless. You can just add your own system of verification to your game for your username if you’re worried about people impersonating you in your game.


This Idea has been thrown around before and it isnt that bad of an Idea, however I think It would be a much better idea to just put the username with the display name on avatars (or just get rid of them entirely because they have only caused me and a lot of others confusion so far) Impersonation is an issue and if there were to be a verified system there would probably not be an easy way to cover all fields without making things too complicated.


Going along with star creators I get his idea for people like let’s say LilNasX or just people who host these events to have special tags separately from youtubers if you know what I mean…?

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They only are available for star creators. People with over 100k subscribers.

Anybody with a decent amount of scripting knowledge can recreate the leaderboard using the CoreGui files on the computer and add the star icon next to their name in their game, therefore convincing people.


That won’t function properly since no developer-facing API allows for following/friending straight up (there’s an intermediary thing).

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Well, of course, but for the most part it could easily trick young kids into thinking they’re meeting a Star Creator.

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A verification system can only be as good as the display name filter. After all, there are millions of users on the platform, and the mods are only human.

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There are already star codes but I think Roblox should add it so that when they play a game they should have a star next to the Roblox content creator’s name like where the display names would be.

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