Show off some your best builds, I'd like some inspiration

Im bored during quarantine, I need something I should make, but what? Being stuck inside is keeping me from seeing anything inspiring. Show off some cool builds here, I’d like to see them!

Look in this post for cool creations

Heres what I’m working on


I will check out that other post, thanks!

Sci Fi Builds in roblox


This is what inspiration comes into place find things that inspire you whether it be developers, buildings, places or things you like to create, find whatever inspires you and try to replicate it into your own!

It depends really you could view site you use or choose to stick to it’ll provide those images on what you’re wanting to create whether it be (showcases, medieval buildings, architecture, modern, ect). Whatever style or build your looking for, there’s a bunch of resources and things you can pick and choose from. Inspiration can come from many ways viewing real life buildings nature locations taking a walk around your town -neighborhood.

You can take inspiration from real life buildings, images online or around your specific area. I would suggest you brainstorm ideas, and then just write things down that inspire you. Inspiration comes from many ways;


Wow, you know what i might make an S C P place now, maybe. also wow just wow impressive!

Ok now woah, that’s some next levels builds right there

Search before posting!